Clinical Officer Training Media - JHSI

This training material is a selection of visual instructions for offline us by health professionals in South Sudan! The Clinical Officer Training Media of JHSI is tailored to  support medical trainees, professionals and health workers in low-resource areas. The mobile offline media  can reach large numbers of medical practitioners without the need for internet connectivity. 

Human Physiology

Skeletal Anatomy

Anantomy Explained

Anatomy of the hand - en
Anatomy of the foot - en
 Exam for ankel and foot pain

Anatomy of the knee - en

Anatomy Ligaments - en 
Anatomy Tendons - en
Anatomy of the shoulder - en

Internal Organs 

Anatomy of the kindey
 Kidney Problems
Digestive system
How Digestive System Works

Male reproductive system - en
Female reproductive system - en
Alternative Module
Female reproductive system Part 2

Coronary Circulation of the heart
Coronary Blood Supply
ECG Interpretation Basic

Practitioner Techniques

Direct Laryngoscopy


Coronavirus - Acute Respiratory Infection
Immune System

Community Health Workers