Foundation Workplace Series Two

Listen to the Instructions
This unit introduces 16 carefully chosen words that are used in everyday English in the workplace. You will learn how to use many more words than the chosen 16, because you will learn how to decode words that you have not previously seen.

The principal skill of reading English is to decode the words using the "sounding out" method, which means that you can break a word into its different sounds, and then recognise the word as a word. For example;

• the word "doctor" can be broken into TWO syllables, as in, "doc-tor";

• the word "emotional" can be broken into FOUR syllables, as in, "e-mo-tion-al".

If you do not know the sounds of the syllables, or are confused by the technique of decoding, then you should consider starting with the "Fantastic Phonics" course, as this course teaches the letter combinations and the sounds they create.