Module Maker - How to Create a RACHEL Module

In this module, you will learn how create a RACHEL module using sample files provided to you. At the end of this lesson, you will upload you new module to your RACHEL Plus system.

RACHEL ModuleOverview

A RACHEL module is a set of HTML open source learning materials that genereally cover a topic, for example easy reading books or secondary school curriculum. Each module has its own HTML file (often, but not necessarily, index.html) that is loaded when the module is selected. World Possible makes the RACHEL modules available from its site OER2Go ( You can create a RACHEL module, using your own open source learning materials and upload that module to your RACHEL Plus system.

Learning Module Overiview

This learning module has five lessons. You will be working on several files in the folder named MyFirstModule. Do each lesson in the order presented below. Return to this page when you have completed the lesson.

  1. Understand what is a RACHEL module
  2. Review Key Module Files
  3. Set up the HTML for the module
  4. Set up the rachel-index.php file
  5. Upload HOW TO UPLOAD the module to a RACHEL Plus system
  6. Describe RACHEL module best practices

When you have finished each activity, return to this page to continue.

For questions and support for creating a RACHEL module contact the RACHEL Friends community (

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For more information on World Possible, see

Module Maker is licensed under CC BY 4.0.