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ChapterFormatLengthVideo TitleRead Before Watching*Resources
Chapter 1Lecture34:14 01_Lecture_Introductions_to_Microeconomics.mp4 (transcript) 1 (all)
Chapter 2Lecture49:07 02_Lecture - Applying Supply and Demand.mp4 (transcript) 3, 4 (all) notes, graphs
Chapter 3Lecture47:58 03_Lecture - Elasticity.mp4 (transcript) 5 (all) graphs
Chapter 4Problem Set15:20 04_Problem Set - Unit 1 - Problem 3.mp4 (transcript) Problem #1 answers
Chapter 5Problem Set15:15 05_Problem Set - Unit 1 - Problem 4.mp4 (transcript)
Chapter 6Lecture48:10 06_Lecture - Preferences and Utility.mp4 (transcript) 7.1, 7.2.1-2, 7.3.2 notes, graphs
Chapter 7Lecture46:14 07_Lecture - Budget Constraints.mp4.mp4 (transcript) 7.3 graphs
Chapter 8Problem Set17:24 08_Problem Set - Unit 2 Solutions.mp4 (transcript) Problem #2 answers
Chapter 9Lecture47:22 09_Lecture - Deriving Demand Curves.mp4 (transcript) 7.2.3 notes, graphs
Chapter 10Lecture50:26 10_Lecture - labor supply.mp4 (transcript) 7.2, 12 (all) tables
Chapter 11Lecture13:38 11_Lecture - child labor.mp4 (transcript) graphs
Chapter 12Lecture24:34 12_Problem Set 3 - Unit 2 Solutions.mp4 (transcript) Problem #3 answers
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ChapterFormatLengthVideo TitleRead Before Watching*Resources
Chapter 13Lecture37:21 13_Lecture - introduction to producer theory (transcript) 8 (all) recitation, graphs
Chapter 14Lecture47:30 14_Lecture - productivity-and-costs (transcript) 8 (again)
Chapter 15Lecture48:59 15 Lecture - Competition (transcript) 9 (all) graphs
Chapter 16Problem Set15:01 16_Lecture - Competition II (transcript) recitation, graphs
Chapter 17Lecture50:06 Problem Set 4 (transcript) Problem #4 Problem #4 answers
Chapter 18Lecture45:05 18_Lecture - Competition III (transcript) graphs
Chapter 19Problem Set14:17 19_Problem Set 5 Solutions (transcript) Problem Set 5 Problem Set 5 answers
Chapter 20Lecture47:07 20_Lecture - principles-of-welfare (transcript) 6 (all) recitation
Chapter 21Lecture46:58 21_Lecture - Monopoly I (transcript) 6 (all)
Chapter 22Problem Set16:37 22_Problem Set 6 Solutions A (transcript) Problem Set 6 Problem Set 6 answers
Chapter 23Problem Set17:43 23_Problem Set 6 Solutions B (transcript)
Chapter 24Lecture48:24 24_Lecture - Monopoly II (transcript) 16 (all) recitation, graphs
Chapter 25Lecture50:05 25_Lecture - Oligopoly I (transcript) 11 (all) graphs
Chapter 26Problem Set16:33 26_Problem Set 7 Solutions (transcript) Problem Set 7 Problem Set 7 Solutions
Chapter 27Lecture47:21 27_Lecture - Oligopoly II (transcript) recitation, graphs
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ChapterFormatLengthVideo TitleRead Before Watching*Resources
Chapter 28Lecture39:19 28_Lecture - Factor Markets (transcript) 14 (all) graphs
Chapter 29Lecture45:42 29_Lecture - International Trade (transcript) 17 (all) graphs
Chapter 30Lecture48:01 30_Lecture - Uncertainty (transcript) graphs
Chapter 31Problem Set15:59 Set 8 Answers (transcript) Problem Set 8 Problem Set 8 solutions
Chapter 32Lecture48:22 32_Lecture - capital-supply-and-markets I (transcript) 13 (all) graphs
Chapter 33Lecture47:31 33_Lecture - capital-supply-and-markets II (transcript) 13 (again) graphs
Chapter 34Lecture49:36 34_Lecture - equity and efficiency (transcript) 19 (all) graphs
Chapter 35Lecture49:11 35_Lecture - government-redistribution-policy (transcript) 15 (all), Problem Set 9 Problem Set 9 solutions
Problem Set 9 Has No Video
Chapter 36Lecture49:44 36_Lecture - U.S. Social Insurance programs (transcript)
Chapter 37Lecture39:19 37_Lecture - Healthcare Economics (transcript) none
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